Jan. 25th, 2008

allyndra: (Doctor Girlfriend)
I am finally (FINALLY) getting over my cold/flu/plague. Which is good, because it has been horrendous. I don't usually get very ill, but this thing just knocked me down. And apparently, it went through half the people who came to our event (which is tragic, because we sell wellness products).

I recently bit the bullet and upgraded to a paid account, and I have been having the best time finding new icons to fill out my shiny new icon space. BUT I have noticed a sad, sad lack. I can't find a good Perfect Tommy icon anywhere. Does anybody have a suggestion for where one might come across a Perfect Tommy icon? He's my favorite Hong Kong Cavalier, and I always said if I started a rock band, I was naming it after him. (Or I might just write a story where Oz plays in a band named after him. Same thing, right?) I also need a truly great Wash icon (from Firefly), but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to locate that.

I love my husband. Sometimes I feel like I gripe about him a lot, but he's really great. Today he called me upset because a woman he works with came in with a black eye from her abusive girlfriend. He was being really supportive toward his coworker and trying to think of what he could do to help. (She's leaving the girlfriend, BTW.) The way he dealt with it just reminded me of what a good guy I've got.


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