Mar. 8th, 2008

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We went to the Scottsdale Arts Festival today, and it really drove home how very different the sensibility of this community is from those where I grew up. First of all, anywhere else I've ever lived, the words "and Crafts" would have been located in the middle of that title. Second, the food was both like and unlike the food I've encountered at any fair or fest. On the one hand, there were pizza and bratwurst and hamburgers. On the other hand, the pizza was gourmet, with fontina and herbs, the bratwurst came with fresh spaetzle, and there were crepes being sold a few booths down from the hamburgers.

And then there was the art. Now, I have seen some pretty cool stuff at Arts and Crafts Fairs in the past, but there's no comparison to what I saw today. Since I didn't have the money to buy anything, I saw it as an outdoor museum of contemporary art. Glass - spun, blown, and cut. Wood - carved and inlaid. Statues of marble and bronze. Pottery and jewelry and paintings. God, the paintings! Some of them were enormous, and some were tiny, but most of them were excellent. Even when they weren't to my taste, they were consistently well done.

The highlight of the festival was the children's area, though. There were so many activities and games, and two different magicians. It was so much fun! I got stuck wearing a paper hat that my son made, but my personal fashion is pretty laidback, so it wasn't too bad. If you're ever in Scottsdale for the Arts Festival, I recommend giving it a try!


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