Apr. 6th, 2008

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I've had a bad week. When I logged on, I thought maybe I'd write a post all about it (I got hurt, I got sick, my husband had emotional issues, and then a friend died), but I don't think I will. Sometimes venting and crying helps, but sometimes I just need to think about something else. So.

Tell me three strange things about yourself. They don't have to be feakish, and they don't have to be secrets, just things that make other people go, "Huh?" I'll start.

1. I fingerspell things to myself for no reason. While I'm driving, while I'm walking, while I'm waiting in lines. I fingerspell song lyrics, or thoughts I'm having, or just my name. I'm not a good signer, and I actually can't read it very well when other people fingerspell at me; it's just a habit.

2. I love old Burma-Shave jingles. I'm way too young to remember them (my parents are too young to remember them), but I think they're awesome. I get really angry when I see the Burma-Shave nostalgia merchandise in stores, because they seem to think the way to convey "old" is with a shaving brush and mug. Hello! The whole point of Burma-Shave was that it didn't require a brush. "Shaving brush/ so wet and hairy/ I've passed you up/ for sanitary/ Burma-Shave." (that might be an inaccurrate quote; it was off the top of my head)

3. I am addicted to Chap-Stick. Not lip balm, Chap-Stick, particularly the cherry kind. I feel uncomfortable if I don't have any on, so I usually have a Chap-Stick in my purse, on my desk, and beside my bed. In order to enable this addiction, my husband get me ten tubes of cherry Chap-Stick every year and puts them in my Christmas stocking.

Okay, so now that I sound extra weird, share something distracting and odd about yourself. If you can't think of three, I'll take fewer.


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