May. 5th, 2008

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So, I've been reading a lot of blogs about race, both in general and in fandom, and I'm trying to become aware of and confront my own skanky race issues. I remember discussion over the fact that people don't ship characters of color as much as white characters. And it drew me up short, because I don't. Chad/Ryan was my first inter-racial OTP, and that's pretty darn recent. All the approval-seeking by Ford never made me want to ship him with John, and even though Ronon is the hottest character ever to grace SGA, I take Rodney over him every time. I do like Gunn (and want him slashed with Xander), but I tend to overlook him. But I could, to some extent, brush this off. Everyone has favorite characters and pairings, and the fact that my pairings tended to exclude characters of color could just be a coincidence.

Then I watched Iron Man. I don't think I'm spoiling anything when I say that Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) and James Rhodes (Terence Howard) had a close friendship. And lately, I watch everything through slash goggles. Still, despite Tony and Rhodes showing emotional connection, long-term friendship, and a willingness to express affection physically, I didn't have any urge to slash them. And that bothers me. If Rhodes had been played by an attractive white man instead of an attractive person of color, I would probably be frantically searching for the Iron Man slash.

The thing is, if I'm just dismissing interesting, attractive characters out of hand because of their color, how do I fix that? Awareness is usually considered the first step, but what is the second? Should I challenge myself to write more characters of color? Make an extra point of giving fic featuring those characters a chance? I'm going to try both of those, but if anyone has other suggestion, let me know.
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Okay, so icon making is apparently addictive. I'm not even good at it yet, but I can't seem to stop. Here's a bunch of the icons I've been playing with. (a few were posted previously, but I'm sure you can handle it).

[1-7] Michelle Trachtenberg
[8-10] Stargate: Atlantis, Rodney McKay
[11] Entourage, Vincent Chase
[12] Across the Universe, Max/Jude
[13-22] Hollyoaks, 2 Kris, 6 John Paul, 1 Keiron, 1 John Paul & Kris
[23-26] Chuck, 1 Chuck/Captain Awesome, 1 Chuck/Bryce, 1 Chuck, 1 Frat Brothers
[27] Iron Man, Tony Stark
[28] Doctor Who, text
[29] Boy Meets World, Corey/Shawn
[30] Double Gragon, Kogo Shuko

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