May. 20th, 2008

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This is all grouching. Feel free to skip.

Okay, this may seem petty, but I'm growing increasingly annoyed when I see bad writing or poor quality art being gushed over. I don't think it's sour grapes, because I get nice comments that I truly appreciate when I post. But I'm having to resist the strong urge to leave anonymous comments saying, "No, it's not amazing. It's poorly characterized and badly in need of a beta, so stop encouraging the author with chants of 'Sequel PLZ!'" Aren't they supposed to keep that kind of stuff over in the Pit of Voles? In some of my fandoms, it's no problem at all, but Torchwood has quality appreciation issues. There are some fabulous authors, but those aren't the ones who are bugging me. Does anyone else feel the same desire to chastize the readers who can't tell the difference between good fic and bad? Or is it just me?

Also, the John Paul/Craig Dean shippers (known as McDeaners) are starting to frustrate me. I loved John Paul and Craig. Their storyline was emotional and sexy and riveting. But Craig left and John Paul didn't, and the John Paul/Father Keiron storyline is pretty darn emotional and sexy, too. Saying, "Bring Craig back!" every two seconds or demanding a sunset ending is not going to make the writers more likely to give us good plots and emotional arcs for our favorite characters, especially if Guy Burnet really doesn't want to play Craig anymore. Write good fanfic where John Paul and Craig get back together, put together vids of them, make art and icons. But stop grumbling about the lack of Craig on every clip from the current episodes.

And finally, kink fic is not hot to me if the characters seem like cardboard cutouts, I don't care how many ropes they're tied up with or what position they're in. I mean "Gil is a Master and Nick and Greg are his slaves" is a stretch to start with, but if you don't make any attempt to tie them back to the characters I know, it's poorly thought out OC erotica, not fanfic. And next time I see the word "cum" in a story, I'm clicking the back button immediately.



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