Aug. 4th, 2008

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So, it has come to my attention that I am really quite shallow. Watching Stargate: Atlantis on Friday, my overwhelming reaction had nothing to do with the plot or acting, but with David Hewlett's appearance. Is it just me, or is he actually getting hotter? Seriously, the haircut, the arms, the pissed-off yelling ... it all worked for me. Instance #2 of recent shallowness: I watched the Unaired Pilot for Buffy the Vampire Slayer on YouTube (mainly to see the original Willow), and I got completely sidetracked by Xander. Nicky was adorable on that pilot, even with the baggy plaid shirt. Cordelia had a line about Xander's face being the reason why girls didn't talk to him, and I laughed out loud. (I haven't been this taken with actors and musicians since I was 14; I don't know what's happened to my supposed maturity.)

On a (very slightly) deeper note, I finally got to see the Doctor Who season finale when it aired on Friday. Reassure me that other people cried, because I really, really did. I got a little emotional in the season 2 and 3 finales, sympathizing with the Doctor's loneliness, but this time there were actual tears, and they were all for Donna. I don't want to get into any Companion wars, but Donna is my favorite EVER.

Despite being raised by me, my son is super-cool. He saw Little Shop of Horrors for the first time yesterday, and he is completely enamored of Audrey II. He wants to play the role on stage, and he made a puppet of it at camp today. And he's got most of Seymour's part in Skid Row memorized. (You might need to know that we dressed him as Audrey II for his first Halloween, when he was three and a half months old, to see the extreme coolness of this development.)

He also has excellent taste in cartoons. He discovered Freakazoid on YouTube while searching Animaniacs clips, and when the first season came out on DVD last week, he asked us to get it. How did I miss this show? It's hilarious and insane and awesome. I wish I had Freakazoid back when I was teaching undergrads about post-modernism, because it would have been so much more fun to show in class than Blade Runner.


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