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So, I went to the doctor today. I got extremely pissy about the fact that he kept talking to me about weight loss, instead of, oh I don't know ... the fact that my cough frightens small children and household pets and my chest gurgles when I breathe. I was like, "Gee, nothing in society has ever prepared me for the knowledge that being overweight is bad. Thanks." Anyhow, he couldn't tell what's wrong with me. Best guesses are bronchitis, pneumonia, or Valley Fever. I had chest x-rays and bloodwork, and he gave me anti-biotics and cough medicine in the meantime. The high powered, codeine cough syrup. *is drugged*

I got to work in time to put in a half-day. Or so I thought. I had time to check my voicemail and email, and then promptly got a call that my son was suspended from school for fighting. I just don't understand why he doesn't get that he cannot hit people. CANNOT HIT PEOPLE. It's not like we're violent at home. *shakes head* But I wound up putting in about 20 minutes of work today.

Ooh, on a happy note, though, THANK YOU to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday, and to [ profile] entrenous88 for my e-card. It brightened my day. I did [ profile] spring_with_xan on my brithday; you can check out my Comic Book!Xander icons here and my little gen fic "Three People No One Expected Xander to Keep in Touch With" here.

ETA: I heard from the doctor, and it turns out, I have pneumonia and bronchitis. I'm an overachiever like that.

And also, I forgot to mention that the icon choice is in celebration of the fact that Luke and Noah kissed yesterday. FINALLY. There was intense yay-ness.
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We went to the Scottsdale Arts Festival today, and it really drove home how very different the sensibility of this community is from those where I grew up. First of all, anywhere else I've ever lived, the words "and Crafts" would have been located in the middle of that title. Second, the food was both like and unlike the food I've encountered at any fair or fest. On the one hand, there were pizza and bratwurst and hamburgers. On the other hand, the pizza was gourmet, with fontina and herbs, the bratwurst came with fresh spaetzle, and there were crepes being sold a few booths down from the hamburgers.

And then there was the art. Now, I have seen some pretty cool stuff at Arts and Crafts Fairs in the past, but there's no comparison to what I saw today. Since I didn't have the money to buy anything, I saw it as an outdoor museum of contemporary art. Glass - spun, blown, and cut. Wood - carved and inlaid. Statues of marble and bronze. Pottery and jewelry and paintings. God, the paintings! Some of them were enormous, and some were tiny, but most of them were excellent. Even when they weren't to my taste, they were consistently well done.

The highlight of the festival was the children's area, though. There were so many activities and games, and two different magicians. It was so much fun! I got stuck wearing a paper hat that my son made, but my personal fashion is pretty laidback, so it wasn't too bad. If you're ever in Scottsdale for the Arts Festival, I recommend giving it a try!


Mar. 7th, 2008 08:56 am
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*deep breath* As I came down to get in my car this morning, I had my purse, my keys, my jacket, the trash, and one of my fic notebooks, in which I write out my stories longhand before typing them up. I often bring it to work in case I have a flash of inspiration. Carrying all of this was kind of awkward, so I set my purse, jacket, and notebook on top of the car while I took out the trash. Came back, thew my stuff in the car, and left. So, fine, right? Except when I got to work, the jacket and purse were in the car, but not the notebook. I am forced to conclude that I LEFT MY NOTEBOOK FULL OF FIC AND PORN ON TOP OF THE CAR AND DROVE AWAY.

I halfway hope it's right outside the garage, and I can recover it when I get home, because there were a half-dozen partially written stories in there. But the other half of me hopes it fell off way down on a busy road, where no one can track it to me if they're feeling belligerent and homophobic and "think about the children"-like.

So this is me quietly freaking out.
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Last night we had our annual profit-sharing dinner at work (it was my first one, as I've been here just under a year). [ profile] entrenous88 said I should post about the food, and it was completely worthy of a post. The dinner was at the home of one of the founders of our company, and the chef from Tapino came and cooked for us. He went through my boss's wine cellar and chose pairings for each course.Minutiae about Food )


Feb. 3rd, 2008 08:14 pm
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The Giants' defense are my new heroes. I didn't have a favorite team going in, though my dad is a huge Pats fan. But then the TV coverage kept showing clips of Peyton Manning watching from the box, and I thought, "Gee, I hope Eli plays a good game and gets out from under the shadow a little." And he did play a good game, but damn did the defensive line steal the show! I think I have a new kink for watching Tom Brady getting knocked down, over and over and over. :o)

In summary, the fourth quarter was awesome and the Giants rocked my socks.
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I am finally (FINALLY) getting over my cold/flu/plague. Which is good, because it has been horrendous. I don't usually get very ill, but this thing just knocked me down. And apparently, it went through half the people who came to our event (which is tragic, because we sell wellness products).

I recently bit the bullet and upgraded to a paid account, and I have been having the best time finding new icons to fill out my shiny new icon space. BUT I have noticed a sad, sad lack. I can't find a good Perfect Tommy icon anywhere. Does anybody have a suggestion for where one might come across a Perfect Tommy icon? He's my favorite Hong Kong Cavalier, and I always said if I started a rock band, I was naming it after him. (Or I might just write a story where Oz plays in a band named after him. Same thing, right?) I also need a truly great Wash icon (from Firefly), but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to locate that.

I love my husband. Sometimes I feel like I gripe about him a lot, but he's really great. Today he called me upset because a woman he works with came in with a black eye from her abusive girlfriend. He was being really supportive toward his coworker and trying to think of what he could do to help. (She's leaving the girlfriend, BTW.) The way he dealt with it just reminded me of what a good guy I've got.
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*droops* I just had the busiest weekend of my life. We had a big work event and it was INSANE. It started Thursday morning when I called to check on the servers for our dinner that night and learned that, due to a computer error, none were scheduled for us. The woman who runs the company had to call all over town, and finally confirmed two servers at 3:44 in the afternoon. An hour and a half before we needed them to show. That set the tone for the whole weekend: scrambling and crazy, but everything working out in the end.
Read about my fascinating, fascinating weekend )
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So you may have noticed that I'm slightly obsessed with the cool license plates some folks have. Recently I've seen some great ones, like:

I've been suffering along with my boring plates because of the expense of getting new ones, but now my plates are expiring. The important question is: What should my new license plates say?

I'd prefer something fannish, but since it's a family car, it has to relate to a fandom we all share. Those include: Buffy and Angel, Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, The Simpsons, Futurama, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter

In Arizona, plates can have up to seven letters and/or numbers, but no symbols or punctuation. Can y'all think of any good ones?
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Hello, flist! I missed you!

I'm going to go through my Friends page and try to catch up, but let me know if I missed anything while I was out of touch. It's nice to be home!
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We just rolled out a new product at work, which led to mass insanity. It's ridiculous. However, I did get to listen to a reputable doctor reciting my research about the product in a serious, knowledgeable voice. That was fun!

I found a comm devoted to Across the Universe slash fic! [ profile] backbenttulipsIt's nice to know that other people share my impression that Max was madly in love with Jude through that whole movie. Another reason to love Across the Universe: its soundtrack got my nine year old listening to The Beatles.

Not to get TMI all over you, but working days while my husband works nights is hell on our sex life. Just saying, it's frustrating.

The Weather Channel is predicting a high of 91 degrees today. WTF? *shakes fist at Arizona* It's November, dammit! Where's the autumn?

I stayed up last night and watched parts 86 through 105 of the John Paul and Craig storyline da33431 has been posting to YouTube. My addiction shows no signs of waning. My Hollyoaks thoughts:

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I'm trying very hard not to freak out. I went to pick up the sub platters for our event today, and when I went to pay for them, my debit card was missing. Closer inspection reveals my driver's license is also gone. The sub guy makes our sandwiches every month, so he told me to come back and pay him later, so that's not a problem. *loves the sub guy* BUT ... where the hell are my debit card and driver's license?!?!

The theory that's keeping me sane is that my husband knocked them out of my purse when taking my keys last night. (I keep those cards in the same pocket as my keys, because I use them frequently.) I can't call home to ask him, though, because he and my son went to the movies. If I get home and don't find my license and debit card on the floor by the couch where my purse was sitting last night, I'll be writing a very different post.

ETA: No luck. My driver's license and debit card were nowhere to be found in the house. I also dug around under the seats of the car with a flashlight, finding many fascinating bits of trash and an old library card, but not what I was looking for. I called to cancel my debit card, and I'll have to go to the DMV on Monday for a new license (since my husband is convinced I'm going to get arrested for driving without one). I would be freaking out much more, but my husband is doing that, which makes it my job to be the stolid, reassuring one. *whines stolidly*


Oct. 13th, 2007 06:46 pm
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Fun license plates I've seen on my way to/ from work:
SMRFN (on a blue car! Yay!)

I miss the BRWNCOAT license plate I had in New Mexico, so I'm reveling in the geeky plates of others. 

Watching "Reunion" last night, I was struck with an intense urge to rewrite the ep as Ronon/McKay. It's never hit me before, so I was taken off-guard. 

I got a yogurt Ritter Sport from an import store today. I hadn't had one in years, and it made me miss Germany. Now I just need to find a place that serves decent Jaegerschnitzel, and I'll be all set.  


Oct. 7th, 2007 11:18 pm
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Um, yeah. This post is all whining. Sorry. The list of things that are annoying and bad:

~ My voicemail has suddenly stopped working. When I try to retrieve my messages, I get that "The number you have dialed is no longer in service" message. Tech support has so far been less than helpful.

~I missed the series 3 finale of Doctor Who because I had to work late on Friday. And since it was not only the finale, but also the conclusion of a three episode arc, I feel all unfinished.

~I bought a copy of The Watcher's Guide: Volume 2 for BtVS at the used bookstore, and the first owner apparently smoked heavily while reading it. I'm trying to figure out a way to fumigate it. Does Febreeze work on paper?

~I baked brownies, and they have gone stale. It's a waste of good chocolate.

~Over the course of the weekend, I was forced to watch several episodes of Hannah Montana. Why didn't someone kill Billy Ray Cyrus before he spread his genes to another generation? Why?

~I am stuck on two overdue fics, and I just keep staring at them, saying, "Why is everything I write such crap?" It's so frustrating! If only I could transplant stories directly from my head to the page, without all this tedious finding of the right words.

Okay, I'll shut up now.
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 Wow, I'm a geek! I knew this, of course. I even had a "Some of us have geekiness thrust upon us" speech I used to use as an introduction speech for my Principles of Human Communication classes.  So why am I feeling overwhelmingly geeky today? Dropping $60 at the comic book store might have something to do with it. Saying things like, "No, we can't do that on Friday or we'll miss Doctor Who" could be part of it. 

But the real reason? My son was reading Superfudge, and he didn't know what "Toot, Toot, Tootsie" sounded like (the grandmother sings it to the baby, who is called Tootsie). I was able to play the song for him because I had it on CD. Because I'm a fan of the song? No. Because I have such a diverse selection of popular music from all eras? No. Because it was on Brent Spiner's CD, "Old Yellow Eyes is Back," purchased entirely because I love him as Data. 

That's why I'm a geek.
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 I had a pretty good weekend. It started on Firday, which is always cause for celebration just by dint of being Friday. But lately Friday also has the cachet of being the day Dr Who comes on, and "Blink" was just the best episode ever. It barely even had the Doctor in it (and I lust after David Tennant's Doctor), but it was awesome. I have so much love for this show; I swear I'm going to mourn when the season ends. Especially as I don't have BBC America and therefore can't watch Torchwood. 

Saturday we went to Ikea and wandered around the vast furniture jungle. Aside from my son acting like a deranged monkey-child when faced with couches and beds upon which he can climb and sprawl (he doesn't take his ADD meds on weekends, which makes it much harder to keep him focused even when there isn't a few acres of furniture to tempt him), it was a blast. I got a mortar and pestle, which I have always wanted. No idea what I'll do with it, but I've wanted one since I read my first Baba Yaga story as a child. We also found a chair for our computer desk in the As Is section and bought it for $20. This is an enormous improvement over the video chair we've been using. You know the ones that sit right on the floor, with no legs, and kind of rock? We've been using one of those since we moved in, and it puts the computer user about two feet below the keyboard. NOT ergodynamic.

Grocery shopping happens on Sundays, and we make the trek out to the super Wal-Mart. I hate them as a corporation, but I'm broke and spineless, and they're cheap. Anyway, my husband and son wanted to go look at toys before braving the grocery section, and I chose to look at clothes rather than Transformers. I found a pair of jeans that actually fits me! It boggles the mind, but the back curves enough that there isn't a huge gaping space in the waistband right above my ass. Incredible, right?

After we put the groceries away, my friend called and asked if I wanted to go swimming. We did 1500 meters (don't look impressed, it was mostly with kickboards), so I got to feel all smug about actually doing some exercise. I got a horrendous sunburn, since Arizona hates me, but still. Good swim.  

So yay. Good weekend, which I'm hoping wil lead to a good week. I hope everyone else had just as nice a time!
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This happens sometimes when my husband works nights: despite knowing that I need to be asleep, I simply cannot make myself go to bed. I don't feel tired, don't want to lie down. Doesn't matter that I have to be at work in approximately five hours. So, late night (or early morning) posting.

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Okay, it's not super wonderful, and strange is awfully subjective, but I couldn't exactly entitle a post "The Boring and Average World of Me" and expect you to read it, now could I? One strange thing did happen recently: We stopped at Del Taco for lunch on Sunday (my son won't eat tacos or burritos, which would make me question his Hispanic heritage if I weren't really damned sure who his father was, but Del Taco seves hamburgers and fries as well) and K.I.T.T. was sitting in the parking lot. I don't mean a car that reminded me of K.I.T.T. I mean the full on, red strobing light, talking car. It took me straight back to my childhood. Turns out some guy here in Phoenix owns an excellent replica and uses it to raise money for charities. It was nifty!

I was innocently reading through my Friends Page, and when I clicked the Back button, everything went tiny. Very, very tiny. It took me an embarrassinly long time to check under View and see that my text size had been somehow, magically set to smallest. I think I have computer gremlins.

I have completely failed to pimp [profile] mcshep_romance , and this must be remedied. One of the things that pulled me into SGA as a fandom was the quality of the writing. I'm not saying there's no badfic here, but SGA has, on the whole, amazingly talented authors. And many of them are taking part in [community profile] mcshep_match , a super-fun fanfic competition. If you have managed to avoid the fics being posted, quit it right now! Go read the awesome, awesome romance fics and *grumbles* the angst fics, rate them, guess who wrote them. Wallow in the McSheppiness! Go Team Romance!
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Saturday was our anniversary. Twelve years ago, we went to see Batman Forever and held hands and gave each other nervous looks and later pretended we had been concentrating completely on Jim Carrey's performance. Nine years ago we got married in the Kissimmee courthouse with our roommate ( a blonde coworker with whom my husband was extremely close friends until they had to actually live with one another, at which point they became fierce enemies), my grandparents, my parents, my sister and one of my brothers in attendance. I made my own wedding cake, sculpting little roses out of store-bought fondant, and we spent our two day honeymoon at one of the Disney hotels we'd once worked at. The people at the front desk still knew us, and they gave us a free night stay and a gift basket.  

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You know how good things seem to happen in a cluster, just like bad things like to gang up on you? Well, I'm in one of those phases of 'good things,' and the best good thing is my new job. I've been looking for one for a year, since I bailed out of my PhD program kicking and screaming. I'm going to be working with people I like, doing work I'm qualified for, for decent pay. How great is that? The downside ('cause there has to be a downside) is that my son and husband are going to be staying behind in Florida until the end of the schoolyear, while I'm heading out to Arizona tomorrow. I have never, ever lived alone, so this is going to be freaky weird. 

Wish me luck! I'll be incommunicado for the next several days, what with the mind-numbingly boring drive I have to accomplish, but I'll check in one everyone once I'm settled.

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I'm in the panhandle of Florida, and yesterday was 70 degrees. Today it's cold and wet, and I feel betrayed. I know it's January, and I get the concept of winter, but still. So unfair of nature to make me deal with coldness all of a sudden. Too bad there's no complaints department. *grins* They'd be the first up against the wall when the revolution came.


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