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For [ profile] 14valentines. Today's theme is politics, and in this year, when we have the first female Presidential candidate ever to be taken seriously, I think we can all recognize the importance of this issue. Read the essay here.

I've been thinking about the characters about whom I write, and like many people interested in slash, my characters tend to be male. I do, however, have some poetry either about women or from my own (female) POV. So today I'm sharing poetry. It's not professional, but it's mine. :o)
Poetry in Various Forms )
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For [ profile] 14valentines. Today's theme is domestic violence, which plagues thousands of women each year, turning their homes into places of fear and pain. Read the essay here.

Title: Because Even the Impending Apocalypse Doesn't Stop the Rituals of High School
Author: Allyndra
Pairing: none
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Through Graduation Day: Part 2
Summary: Despite everything, yearbooks got signed before the class of '99 graduated. This is Xander's.

Peek Inside Xander's Yearbook )
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Well, I haven't really posted thinky thoughts here before, but [ profile] 14valentines is underway, and it got me fired up. Today's theme is Body Image, and there's an excellent essay here. As an overweight woman, body image is a topic that hits close to home. I feel pretty comfortable in my body, but it is driven home to me every day that other people aren't comfortable with my body. That kind of disapproval takes a toll, and it's what led to this post.

Body Image, Weight, and the Looking Glass Self: A Call to Action )


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