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Angles Thus and So by [ profile] copperbadge

I don't often read het, so when I say how much I adored this story, know that it had to overcome my initial hesitation. And it overcame that hesitation completely. This story is McKay/Weir and McKay/Sheppard, covering everything from The Storm to the end of season four. And it does it well, incoporating canon in a way that makes sense but always expanding, always giving us more than we saw on the screen. The characters ring true, both in their dialogue and in their points of view. There is humor and emotion and even a little bit of sneaky romance. It's a long read that kept me entertained and involved all the way through.

The author's summary is: The city belongs to Sheppard and McKay, and the boys belong to Elizabeth -- especially Rodney. I think a better summary would be: Elizabeth, Rodney, and John discover the ways they belong to each other. Set aside some time and gives this a read.
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I know you've been exposed to High School Musical at some point. *eyes flist assessingly* Maybe you watched it on your own, maybe you were forced into it by some young family member. Maybe you were just too lazy to change the channel when it popped up on the Disney Channel. The point is, you know that it's fun and full of plot holes, and you probably remember Ryan, the hat-wearing thespian, and Chad, the curly haired basketball player. And if you've seen High School Musical 2, you probably remember the two of them playing the slashiest game of baseball EVAR.

ETA: If you aren't familiar with these movies and characters, you can read the highly entertaining ship manifesto for Chad and Ryan here.

Whether you liked the movies or not, you need to go read Rehearsals by [ profile] fools_game right now. It is not only one of the best HSM fics I've read, it's also done a brilliant job of getting inside the head (and body) of a teenage boy discovering his sexuality and falling in love for the first time. It's honest and fun and full of the confusion, joy, and angst that high school romances can offer. Really delightful. Go read now!
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It wasn't all that long ago that Stargate: Atlantis didn't even register on my radar. I'd flipped past it a few times on SciFi, thinking, 'Gee, those are cheesy special effects,' but that was it. Then [ profile] sublimatedangel , who is a sneaky fandom seductress, suggested I read some McShep to see if Rodney would be a good character for a fic I was planning.

Ssssplaaaassshhhh! That's the sound of me falling in over my head and drowning in the gorgeous, wonderful writing this pairing inspires. Even though I come up for air once in a while, I'm drenched in McSheppy thoughts and fics all the time now. The night I got my TV, I went and bought Seasons 1 and 2 and mainlined them. So, here is a short list of a few of the stories I love for SGA. My character of choice is Rodney McKay, and (if you hit your head on the keyboard and missed it) my favorite pairing is McKay/Sheppard.

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I've been thinking about how many hours of reading pleasure I owe to other people's rec lists, and I decided I should make one myself. I'm separating them out by fandom, and I'll include a description for each. Be warned that I tend to have one character I love and/or an OTP in each fandom, and my recs will reflect that. Today's recs are from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My BtVS character of choice is Xander, and my favorite pairing is Spike/Xander.

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Once again, this will be rambly and disjointed. Sorry. I sat down to post something, and instead of a comprehensive thought, all I got were little snippets.


Apr. 19th, 2007 04:39 pm
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I'll warn you now, this post will spring lightly from topic to topic with no regard for segues.

I moved into my apartment. Yay for not sleeping on my friend's futon anymore!!! Boo for having no tv or computer yet!!! I did get a library card, though, so I've managed to get some computer time that *isn't* a total abuse of company policy. The library here is awesome. I really like the construction, and they have several books on polymer clay (one interest of mine) and a decent graphic novels collection (yet another interest). Other than the library and work, I haven't been getting out of the apartment much. It's a great apartment, but it's so empty. I moved out with only what would fit in a Honda Civic, so you can imagine how little that fills up a two bedroom apartment.

I hate the fact that I have to justify my fanfic addiction to people. My husband got really annoyed when it became clear my interest in it was more than just academic. Especially when I'm upset, I read a ton of fanfic as an escape, and he thinks I should be talking to him about what's wrong instead. (Those who developed the theories about men not talking about their feelings never met Michael. Yes, Deborah Tannen, I'm talking to you.) I've carefully hidden my fanfic from my parents and siblings, as the homophobia runs deep there, and I'm all about the slash. Fanfic combines a form of entertainment, a hobby, and a forum for meeting and interacting with people - it's a part of my life that I enjoy, and I resent the fact that I have to hide it or be subjected to disgusted lectures. My friends aren't disgusted by it, but they don't get it, either. They joke about the fact that I write "gay Buffy porn" in a tone that makes it clear they find it laughable. I have to defend myself, which irritates the hell out of me. So I end up not telling anyone about it. Which sucks when I want to babble about a story I just read or the bounce about fact that I have two stories nominated for awards right now. I just have to talk to you guys, instead!

I was reading "No Refunds or Exchanges" by [ profile] astolat and I saw that she had Vince/Eric Entourage fic. Yum!! I devoured her three stories and ransacked the web for more, only to find absurdly few fics out there. *pouts* I want more!!! If anyone out there feels inspired to write Vince/Eric, I'll read it. I'll beta it on library computers. I'll bribe you, whatever you want. didn't sound desperate or anything, did it?

Okay, that's all for right now. Thanks for being a sounding board for a bored, bored woman.


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