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stolen from [ profile] dancinbutterfly

- list your top 10 hottest fictional characters
- put them in order of your own choosing - having no order is an option as well
- tell their names, where they're from and why do you like them
- supply pictures for said characters
- tag people if you wish

In no particular order, fictional characters that I ogle.

Daniel Osbourne from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. How was Oz so cool? He had a reputation for stoic silence, but he when he had something to say, he could make me laugh or break my heart. I believed in his love for Willow like I've rarely believed in a character's emotions. I continue to watch and admire Seth Green in other roles and projects, but Oz will always be special.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. Mal was a rebel, but he was never a loner. He cared for his people with a loyalty that bordered on obsession, and he loved his ship like a living thing. He was rough around the edges, but he had a soft heart, and he could kick ass. I like to think that he's still flying, even if it's not happening on my screen.

John Paul McQueen from Hollyoaks. I know, he's gay. I don't care. I love John Paul like burning. They could make the entire soap about him (and maybe his family), and I'd be fine with that. I can't wait to see the After Elton Hot 100, because I am dead certain James Sutton (who plays John Paul) will be on it.

Eric Gotts from Wonderfalls. Do you remember Wonderfalls? It was one of those fabulous, witty, innovative shows that Fox cancelled. While the heroine, Jaye, was a snarky delight, it was Eric who won me over. He was caring and vulnerable, and even though he'd been hurt, he had a sense of optimism and wonder that never died. Eric wasn't just hot, he was adorable.

Daniel Jackson from Stargate. No offense to Michael Shanks, who played Daniel Jackson for years on TV, but the real Daniel Jackson was James Spader's movie version. He was a geek. Total nerd. And it was great. When the going got tough, he got pretty tough, too, without ever giving up his scholarly enthusiasm. (I know the shirtless pic isn't Daniel, but I figure it's close enough. Just imagine his glasses are on the coffee table.)

Eric Murphy from Entourage. E may not be big, but he makes up for it in determination. He's scrappy, and I'd put money on him in a fight with a man twice his size. I love the way he cares for Vince, and I love the way he worked himself up in the industry rather than just hanging out on Vince's dime. Unlike a lot of guys on TV, E is a man who wants to be in love, and I hope he gets there (or that he realizes he's been in love with Vince all along). (Sadly, I have no shirtless E pictures. If you know of any , send them my way.)

Clark Kent from Smallville. IMHO, Tom Welling is the most beautiful man on the planet. For real. I know he didn't start out the series as the strongest actor, but he managed to imbue Clark with a life and innocence that made him believable as more than just Superman's cover story. He's a person, with a past and a family and a fondness for plaid, and I think (even though the series has major issues) this version of Clark has added a lot to my understanding of Superman.

Lee Adama from Battlestar Galactica. Do I even have to say anything about Apollo? Can't you just look at him and see why he's on this list? He's flawed, deeply and truly, like all of the BSG characters; he's proud and arrogant, but he's also trying to accomplish good for the fleet and the people. And also, he can fly Vipers.

Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars. Logan has issues. Seriously. But he doesn't seem so much broken by his life as a little bent, still able to grow and move on. He can be cruel, but he can also be funny and creative and forthright. I think he needs a boatload of counseling, but in the meantime, he still makes my list.

Ianto Jones from Torchwood. Mysterious, competent, and looks good in a suit. Ianto started out as little more than hero support, tidying up around the Hub, making coffee, and manning the tourism office. As time went on, though, he became more and more important to the operations of Torchwood, and even before the tragic season 2 finale, they couldn't do without him. Ianto with a tea tray is nice, but Ianto with a taser is awesome. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a lot more of him in the next season. (I couldn't find a picture of Ianto shirtless without Jack, so you mainly get John Barrowman's chest here.)

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Date: 2008-06-10 04:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am all in favor of friending, and I've friended you back.

You've been my Riley/Xander enabler for quite a while now and for that I can never thank you enough. *g* I'm glad I could help. I love Riley/Xander, and I think there should be more of it in the world. I signed up for [ profile] kink_bingo, and I've been pondering which pairings could go with which prompts, and your comment made me determined to write Riley/Xander for one of them. So, thank you for helping me to make up my mind. :o)

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Date: 2008-06-10 05:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I love new friends!

You speak nothing but the truth. There should definitely be more Riley/Xander in the world.

> your comment made me determined to write Riley/Xander for one of them <

So glad I could help. I can't wait to see it. Speaking of, I'm using Riley/Xander for one of my wtf27 prompts.

Okay, well, Riley/Xander and Graham/Xander and Riley/Graham and Riley/Xander/Graham and those three guys with various crossover characters in various combinations. But *mostly* Riley/Xander.

The prompt is 'porn stars' after all.

And while I'm bothering you I have a question. I have a buffy/matrix crossover idea I'm working on and I need a place where I can throw the ideas around for people to poke holes in. I'd rather iron out any kinks *before* I get too deep in the concept and have to do alot of rewriting. Can you recommend any good communities? I've been in the DCU fandom on ELJay for a bit but I'm new to Buffy on Eljay so you'd probably have a better idea of which communities would be most helpful/receptive. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you so much.

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Date: 2008-06-10 08:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Can you recommend any good communities? Hmmmm. On LJ, the comm I go to for crossovers is strictly for posting stories, not for discussion. [ profile] batpack is a multi-fandom comm for fic that allows discussion, and it has some really good authors, or [ profile] buffyfan is pretty laid-back and friendly. My top recommendation, though is Twisting the Hellmouth ( It isn't on lj, but it has a pretty decent forum, and the people there, by default, are into Buffy and crossovers.

Also, your porn star prompt sounds like fun!


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