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If you watch SGA, gather close. If you don't watch SGA but get pissed off when people with power treat other people badly, come huddle up, too. Let me tell you a tale of an actor named Jason Momoa and how he's being shafted by his studio.

This is Ronon Dex. He's one of the few people from his planet, Sateda, to have survived when the Wraith attacked. The Wraith fitted him with a tracker and made hunting him into a game for seven years, during which time he was on the run, all alone. When he met the Atlantis expedition from Earth, Ronon was given a chance to make a home and form relationships for the first time in years. Despite their differences, Ronon cares enough about his team that he accompanied Dr. Rodney McKay to Earth to recover his kidnapped sister and joined Lt. Colonel John Sheppard on Earth for his father's funeral.

Cool guy, right?

From his first appearance, Ronon was made distinctive by his hair, which is worn in long dreadlocks. After years of wearing his hair this way, actor Jason Momoa was suffering from neck pain as the result of the sheer weight of his hair. He cut off six pounds of dreadlocks at the end of season 4, and the studio announced that Ronon would cut his hair as well in season 5.

This is what Jason looks like with his hair short. Still strong, still gorgeous. Perhaps slightly more approachable, which could be a good thing, as the character of Ronon grows closer and more settled with the Atlantis expedition. It seemed like everything was working out for Jason and for Ronon.

But no.

Once season 5 started filming, the studio decided Ronon couldn't lose the dreads. They tried giving them back to Jason as a weave, which caused him so much pain that he begged to have them removed. When the weave came out, they started on wigs. Several episodes were filmed with a bad "stunt" wig, and the rest of the season with a more natural one.

This is a promo shot for season 5. Check out the bad wig.

The upshot is, Jason sits in a chair for four hours every day of filming, having his wig attached. Then he has to act and do stunts with five pounds of wig on his head. It's uncomfortable, it's stupid looking, and it's putting his neck in the same danger as before he got the haircut. WTF?

So we come to the "call to action" part of the post. SciFi does not believe the audience will accept Ronon without his dreadlocks. We need to show them that they're wrong so that they will stop forcing Jason to take unecessary risks with his health just to maintain a "look." Please join [ profile] free_jasonmomoa. [ profile] julii_wolfe has created a petition, and we will have a postcard campaign and other activities. If you really care about this, we'd love to see you taking part, but even if you're only mildly interested, please join the comm and sign the petition. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, so please help us build one.

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Date: 2008-06-27 07:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh I's signing!

I actually don't like his dreads, never have, I think he looks much better without them.

But more than that I think what you say about it softening his character and making him more approachable makes complete sense. I see the dreads as a sort of symbolic reference to his days as a runner, and now maybe it's time he lost them to show his acceptance of his place on Atlantis (hell, what do I know? Frankly I'm just trying to make myslf sound less shallow about the whole thing ;)

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Date: 2008-06-28 03:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I agree with you; Jason looks great with shorter hair. And I like the idea that Ronon would feel comfortable enough to give up his hair, which can serve as a screen for his emotions and as a way of looking larger and more intimidating.

Thanks for signing the petition! Once the comm is a bit larger, I'm going to announce it on [ profile] sga_noticeboard, but right now, we're looking for as much support as possible just from our flists.


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